Artificial Sweeteners

I had a client come to the office the other day that I had treated for Plantar Fasciitis, which resolved a couple of years ago and she continues regular treatments. Her chief concern was a list of symptoms that sounded to me like Aspartame Poisoning. Now, I am not a doctor, but I do know how to read and have been researching the dangers of artificial sweeteners for quite some time. According to and other information available, Aspartame poisoning can lead to psychological, neurological and physical symptoms. My client revealed to me that she had been suffering from neurological symptoms-dizziness, facial pain and headaches and physical symptoms-ringing in the ears and joint pain. I asked her if she was using artificial sweeteners to which she replied that she had been drinking 2 or more diet sodas per day for awhile. I wrote something on a piece of paper and told her to read it every time she wanted a diet soda and advised her that it would be in her best interest to remove all artificial sweeteners from her diet. The paper said “To thine own self be true.”

The next time I saw her she reported she hadn’t had a diet soda since her last appointment, and though there was a detoxification process that her body went through, she is feeling better and better. It amazes me how simple changes in diet and lifestyle can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being healthy. We have far more control that we give ourselves credit for. It is time to take responsibility for our health to not only improve the quality of our lives, but to be happier and healthier.

Client Feedback

Just got a text from a new client from yesterday, a runner:  “Hey, Jeannie. . . Can I just say I feel amazing!!!! WOW! Ready for a ten miler today.”  Call me for your appointment.  What are you waiting for?

Extraordinary Table Experiences

Have had some extraordinary healing experiences on the table and out and about.  Had a friend with a shoulder injury that I stopped by to visit last week.  She said her diagnosis was shoulder tendinitis and she had her first session of physical therapy that day.  Her treatment was a few minutes with a TENS unit and heat.  That was all, then she was sent home.  When I got to her she was almost in tears because the pain was still so intense.  I asked her if I could have a look at her shoulder.  I did a 2-3 minute arm pull and 10 minutes of Myofascial Release on her shoulder.  When I left she had full range of motion and was pain free.  I left her with a copy of my two most recent articles, “Repression and Conscious Emotional Economics” and “Finding Inner Peace Through Expression”.  As of yesterday, she feels better physically AND emotionally.  There is still work to do but breaking through some of the barriers and holding patterns in the body can really create breakthroughs both physically and mentally.

New Classes

Did we skip spring?  Our fourth month into 2010 and I have three BMR classes under my belt:  Intro to Body Memory Recall, Body Armor, and Twists and Turns with Jonathan Tripodi, here in Virginia Beach, VA.  As Jonathan teaches in class, the body releases in three dimensions-linearly, through compression and diagonally.  With these three classes, I have all three directions under my belt.  Next class will be in Sedona, AZ in October and the final class in 2011 to pull it all together ending with BMR certification.  I have been using some of the new techniques with clients and getting fabulous results.  I am really excited to be adding these techniques back into my treatments.  The results are immediate and cumulative.

Body Armour Classes

Cool but sunny Daytona Beach this week, trying out some new techniques, some quality time in the pit at the speedway and loving every minute of it~gearing up for next weekend, Body Armour class with Jonathan Tripodi. Will be four days of adding some new material to my tool kit. Body Armour will be focusing on deep tissue techniques working with bone, cartilage and deep holding patterns and body memory. This is going to be a fantastic year as I move forward to BMR Certification. Stay tuned for more very soon.

Body Memory Recall

Wow, what a great weekend I had with Jonathan Tripodi and my classsmates participating in “Intro to Body Memory Recall”.  Although a lot of it was review, I plan to be certified in this modality by the end of 2010.  What is Body Memory Recall, you may ask?  Look for a new link on my website very soon with a detailed description.  Basically, it combines the modalities of Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Myofascial Release, and Body Memory Unwinding that support the release of Body Memory.

New Year, New Beginning

Nice to be writing 2010.  New year, new decade, new beginnings.  Please check out my friend Dylan Smith’s new CD:

“Inside The Microcosm” released Wednesday November 25th, 2009. The latest musical excursion from New Age ambient recording artists Deosil. With the success of “Centering” Deosil has created another masterpiece of piano laden atmospheric chill out music. Now available at and!


Resistance = Suffering

When we are faced with trauma or drama we have three choices.  The first two most people are familiar with, they are fight or flight.  When we are overstimulated, threatened or pushed over our threshold we  can run away; the danger is gone and we can move on.  When we fight, we face our fears or our conflicts and someone wins or loses and the event is over.  We are all familiar with these two reactions.  The third reaction that we don’t think about is to freeze.  It is referred to as the “freeze response”.  When we freeze, energy from this event is stored in our connective tissue until we are able to deal with it fully.  But we know tomorrow never comes.  Layer upon layer we freeze, brace, or RESIST whatever is going on.  We all have a threshold for what we can handle before we start to resist.  When we are pushed over our threshold and  resist, this creates a holding pattern in the body.  Over time these layers become a phenomen known as “body memory”.  Body memory is bioelectric energy from past events that is stored in our connective tissue.  How does one get body memory?  Accidents, injuries, negative emotional states, holding the same position for long periods of time are all examples of ways the body creates body memory.  It’s a knee-jerk reaction that the body uses to try to protect us from harm.  Even when the danger has passed, the holding pattern remains because the viscosity of the connective tissue has become more rigid.  It changes from something like a gel to more like a glue or cement.  The resistance has created this change.  The fascial restrictions that occur create adhesions, fascial restrictions and fascial binding.  This creates suffering.  When resistance stops, the suffering goes away.   Anytime you are feeling pain or discomfort in the body, this means that you have resisted something or someone being the way that they are.    All discomfort comes from resistance, either consciously or unconsciously.  There are no exceptions. Sometimes we have control over things that happen to us. Sometimes we do not.  When the resistance stops, the suffering goes away.  The first step to letting go of body memory is the realize that we are resisting.  We’ll address more later in another posting.  Stay tuned.

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Connective Tissue is the largest tissue system of the body. It wraps around our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, our visceral organs like our heart and lungs, our cardiovascular system is lined with it and it is one continuous web. It is made out of elastin, collagen and extrastitial fluid. It compartementalizes us and gives us our shape. It has a certain viscosity and in its natural state it is like a gel. When we are faced with trauma or drama, that viscosity changes into something more rigid like a glue or a cement. It creates fascial restrictions (fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc) that can lead to all sorts of problems such as trigger points, diminished range of motion, impinged nerves and blood vessels and pain. When the fascial system is compromised, the body is out of balance.

Stay tuned for more in the next blog post.

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On The Table

My first blog entry and I am so excited to promote my friend and mentor Jonathan Tripodi’s new book “Freedom From Body Memory”. I have just started to read it and I can’t put it down.  To find out more, visit his new website I’ll give a report when I finish the book.


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